SV9/SQ5BPF with uSDX part 2

So I’ve tried to operate from Platanias / Crete (see SV9/SQ5BPF with uSDX part 1).

Threw a wire on a palm palm tree, stretched a counterpoise on the ground, tuned it, and made the first CW QSO on 40m with Zygi SP5ELA. So next I’ve tried to tune the antenna on 80m, and the uSDX transceiver failed with a short circuit.

It seems that the smd PA transistor died on 80m (it also dies on 10m). Fortunately I’ve had two IRLML2060 transistors with me, but no soldering iron and other tools.

So is there any hope that i will be able to make more than one QSO?

Fortunately the hotel electrician had a cheap Parkside (Lidl) soldering iron, but no solder and no flux. The only other tools i had was a swiss army knife.

The transistor was de-soldered and a new one was soldered in. I’ve had no solder, but I’ve used too much solder on the antenna connector, so  some of this solder could be now used to solder the new transistor.

The soldering job is terrible, but i’ve had no tools, no flux and no solder. Fortunately electrons have no sense of aesthetics, and the TRX worked again!

I’ve done some more QSOs on 30m, but not much. After all this is not a dxpedition, but a family vacation.

This is a picture of the antenna:

Operating on 30m CW using uSDX in Platanias/SV9:

You can barely see the antenna hanging from the right palm tree (click to enlarge photo):

This cat was very interested by the dangling antenna wire:

Fortunately only the cat noticed this operation. I am a legally licensed radioamateur, and can operate in Greece under the CEPT Agreement. I had all of the paperwork with me, including some Greek law printed on paper, just in case the authorities don’t know the law of their own country. Unfortunately Greece has a bad record of police raiding radioamateur tourists. It happened to Baldur DJ6SI in Kos Island, it happened to Berkin TA3J in Levsos, and to others. Therefore i decided to operate the station undercover, not ask the hotel for permission, put up the antenna only when i am not seen, make it as invisible as possible etc.


So was it worth it to take a transceiver to a family vacation? No (but i might do it again anyway).